Food Scrap Friday: Photo Report

On 21st of July, ShareWaste visited Food Scrap Friday at Camdenville Public School in Newtown, NSW. Many thanks to Lachlan Jobbins, the community garden president, for inviting us! For more information about the programme read our interview with Lachlan here.

Friday, 7:30AM. Everything is ready. We're expecting the first parents with kids.

And here they are! Forty families bring their scraps every week.

Parents empty their bucket and can start another week fresh.
The volunteers give helpful advice on what can be composted.

Food Scrap Friday also helps recycle used toothbrushes and empty toothpastes. The collected items are handed over to Terracycle for further processing.

Final weighing. This week Food Scrap Friday collected 109.5 kg of scrap from 35 families.

Green leaves are collected separately and enrich the diet of local chooks. Old straws are used as a brown layer for the composting bins.

Collected scraps are evenly distributed among all the compost bins in the garden. Pictured: The Death Star composting unit.

Produced compost is used to feed the plants in the community garden and school gardens.