Starting a Community Garden is Not a One-Man Show

An interview with Andrew Ogbourne about setting up a community garden within the famous Pentridge Prison and why new residential areas shouldn't be just a collection of houses. Her Majesty’ »

Basic Guidelines About Composting And Worm-Farming

Are you interested in being a ShareWaste host or donor but don’t know much about composting or worm-farming? We’ve put together an infosheet with some basic guidelines and »

Basic Guidelines About Keeping Chickens

WHAT? Chickens are omnivorous, domesticated birds and are one of the most popular pets. Backyard chickens are kept for egg production, for their meat, and simply as easy, friendly and »

Our Children Teach Their Parents About Composting

Lachlan Jobbins is the president of Camdenville Paddock Community Garden and the founder of Food Scrap Friday, a way for families from Camdenville Public School to recycle their food waste »

Food Scrap Friday: Photo Report

On 21st of July, ShareWaste visited Food Scrap Friday at Camdenville Public School in Newtown, NSW. Many thanks to Lachlan Jobbins, the community garden president, for inviting us! For more »