Food Scrap Friday: Photo Report

On 21st of July, ShareWaste visited Food Scrap Friday at Camdenville Public School in Newtown, NSW. Many thanks to Lachlan Jobbins, the community garden president, for inviting us! For more »

5 Plastic-Free Tips for Leaders

Plastic Free awareness month has started and we know that you, guys, are doing the right thing already. You drink coffee from a reusable cup, you put shopping in your »

5 Documentaries You Should Watch After War On Waste (2/5)

North of the Sun (2012) by Jørn Nyseth Ranum, Inge Wegge This is a must-see for everyone who’s lived near the sea. And everyone else! By watching this documentary »

5 Documentaries You Should Watch After War On Waste (1/5)

A Plastic Ocean (2016) by Craig Leeson Let’s begin with some interesting facts. The oceans cover 71% percent of the Earth’s surface and store 97% of its water. »

Life After War On Waste

If you've watched #WarOnWasteAU and thought: “Guys, this is totally outrageous, disgusting and sad”, you're right. But how do we fix that? Here are three simple things you can do »