5 Documentaries You Should Watch After War On Waste (1/5)

A Plastic Ocean (2016) by Craig Leeson Let’s begin with some interesting facts. The oceans cover 71% percent of the Earth’s surface and store 97% of its water. »

Life After War On Waste

If you've watched #WarOnWasteAU and thought: “Guys, this is totally outrageous, disgusting and sad”, you're right. But how do we fix that? Here are three simple things you can do »

I Just Couldn't Stand Putting The Scraps In Rubbish Bin Anymore

Mika lives in Inner West Sydney. When she moved to an apartment, she had to rethink her values. She joined ShareWaste a couple months ago and reached out to us »

I Grew A Sunflower Three Times As Big As My Son

Kate is one of our first users who offered their compost bin to her neighbours. She lives in Sydney Inner West, is passionate about community, living sustainably in cities and »